There are 3 solid reasons why you should switch to TrustVet

We know that it may seem easier to stay with your current provider because of inertia loyalty. But we’re so convinced that TrustVet will be a better partner for your practice long-term that we’re removing the pain of switching

  • Reason 1. 300 pets free for one year

    For the next 3 practices that switch to TrustVet, you’ll pay no fees for 300 pets for 1 year.

  • Reason 2. £2 Cashback for every pet you switch

    Yes, we’re paying you to switch to TrustVet – that’s how good we think it is.

  • Reason 3. You're protected by a 3 year health plan growth guarantee

    Within 3 years, we guarantee that you’ll have more subscribed pets, than you originally switched to TrustVet.

Switching to TrustVet is FREE and hassle free

The Payment Systems Regulator – the regulatory body that manages payment systems in the UK – has implemented changes to make switching easier between Direct Debit providers, which is great news for you!

These changes were implemented back in January 2018. Because of this, your current Direct Debit provider can bulk change all of your customer’s agreements over to a new Direct Debit provider of your choice.

You’re now back in control. So why not consider a health plan provider that was created by a vet, for vets and is able to increase health plan sales by 50%?

There are 5 Simple steps to get onboard with TrustVet

Book your online DEMO today so you can see why you, your team and your customers will love TrustVet

TrustVet is a powerful piece of software – and there’s no better way for you to see it in action, then with a live 121 demo with our practice growth specialist Ben Smith.

You won’t have to travel anywhere. It’s all done through your internet browser. You don’t even have to install any software.

Please put aside 45 minutes for your demo.

Look through Ben’s live calendar below, and book a time that best suits you.

Contact reminder

If not isn’t the right time to talk, tell us when your contract is due to end and we’ll be in touch