Petcare Vets

Practice builds three levels of health care plan with full customisation

Being able to take their pets to PetCare Vets knowing they won’t have to pay a consultation fee for any visit throughout 12 months has encouraged clients to join the TrustVet pet care health plan.

PetCare Vets, a practice specialising in small animals based in the town of Greystones, joined the TrustVet health plan in November 2017.

Alex Shortt, the clinic’s manager, says many of its clients have welcomed the opportunity to save money and spread the cost of their pets’ appointments across 12 months.

The health plan is really straightforward and easy to use, reports Alex. Enrolment is usually done after consultations in the clinic, but a few clients have enrolled online from home.

“It’s a really nice option to offer our clients. They get reassurance by being on the plans knowing they can book an appointment and receive a free consultation each time,” she says.

“They are really pleased knowing that they are saving on their veterinary costs. These plans are extremely beneficial to owners who require multiple consults throughout the year, for example, pets withy itchy skin or pets who suffer with chronic ear problems.”

The clinic offers clients the choice of three tiers of TrustVet cover – essentials, essentials plus and premium.

The essentials plan provides free visits, which include vet consultations and nurse clinic visits, annual vaccinations and nail clippings. The essentials plus plan include further discounts such as 10% off food and services and an annual health screen which includes a blood test.

Clients on the premium plan avail all of these offers as well as a dental package which involves a general anaesthetic and descale and a more comprehensive blood test.

PetCare Vets has benefited too from the regular monthly income generated by TrustVet payments, says Alex.

TrustVet was created by vet Liam Moriarty after he became frustrated with the existing pet health care plans. He developed his own plan, and as word spread, it was joined by other practices.

Its success is due to the fact it’s so easy to use, says Liam.