Lodge Vet Hospital

Only takes minutes for clients to sign up in practice or at home

Although Lodge Vet Hospital has only offered the TrustVet health care plan for a few months, the response from pet owners has already been very positive, reports its owner and vet John Corrigan.

“We’re getting lots of good feedback from clients, and so word-of-mouth is spreading,” says John.

The hospital opened in 2006, but this is the first time it has offered clients the opportunity to subscribe to a pet health care plan. John says the TrustVet health plan was appealing for a variety of reasons.

“I liked the idea of a health plan with locked-in loyalty for clients who get good value for services and on premium dog food. The retention of their business is very important to us. We’re building up a planned, regular monthly income from it.

“It only us a couple of minutes to sign clients up. It has a very user-friendly platform, and the hosting page makes it easy to see what plans clients are on. It’s a very useful management tool.”

Other plans seemed to offer paper-based sign-ups, something John thought was old-fashioned, and which would turn out to be laborious.

The TrustVet plan also appeals to staff, says John. “They see the benefits and value to the clients. They know there are no hidden gimmicks in the plan. They know clients will appreciate the cost-savings and being able to spread payments over 12 months.”

Lodge Vet Hospital offers clients the choice of joining the two-tier plan: essential and a premium.

The essential plan offers unlimited consultations and annual vaccinations. The premium plan includes unlimited consultations, a free blood test and urine analysis, a reduced microchip fee, plus free worming and flea treatments.

The hospital may offer additional services in the future, says John. “I just went with a very simple, user-friendly two-tier plan to suit staff and our clientele.

“I may add a dental plan and even incorporate dog grooming and kennelling—the ancillary business we do here—to lock them into loyalty. We’re still in the introductory stage.”

The TrustVet health care plan was set up by vet Liam Moriarty. Fed-up with the existing health care plans, he decided to develop his own. Before long, other vets wanted to offer it to their clients.

The success of TrustVet health care is partly due to the fact it is digital and therefore easy for practice staff to use. Practice owners also like that it is fully customisable.