Monaleen Vets

50% increase in pet owner sign-ups since switching to TrustVet

In the six months since changing pet health care plan providers, Monaleen Vets has seen a 50% increase in the number of pet owner sign-ups compared with sign-ups to the previous plan, says practice owner and vet dermatologist Wesley Power.

Monaleen Vets, based in Castletroy, County Limerick, began offering pet owners the TrustVet health care plan at the start of 2018. It had offered another company’s health care plan for the previous two years.

The decision to make the switch was largely due to the convenience of the new plan, says Wesley. Sign-ups are done digitally which means they can be completed in minutes.

“The primary difference was really the ease with which clients could sign up.”

One of the reasons for the dramatic increase in sign-ups to the new TrustVet plan is Wesley’s choice to give owners are offered free unlimited consultations. It gives them peace of mind knowing they can take their cat or dog in for treatment whenever they need it without having to consider the consultation fee. The ease of joining the plan is just icing on the cake.

“The free consultations are built into the new plan. We didn’t have that with the old plan. So I think it’s a combination of the free consults and the easier sign-on process.”

The practice staff are also sold on the TrustVet health plan. “They probably feel that because clients have the option of going for the free consults plan it’s easier to advise them to use it whereas they may have questioned whether the old plan was of cost benefit to the clients. But I also think the sign-up process of the previous plan was an obstacle too.”

The practice’s six staff members also like the ease with which they can help pet owners to subscribe to the plan.

Pet owners are offered a basic, middle and a premium Pet Care Plan. The basic plan offers free consultations, and the middle plan offers free consultations and free flea and worming treatments. With the premium plan, pet owners get free consultations, and their pets receive free flea and worming treatments, plus a free annual blood test and urine analysis.

“We haven’t over-complicated it,” says Wesley.

He and staff have found the TrustVet platform very user-friendly and transparent. “That’s one of the reasons we decided to move from the old plan. The ease of administration is definitely better.”

The training and marketing materials offered by TrustVet is equally impressive, says Wesley.

“That was something that was not present with the old system. There was no backup really.”

Vet Liam Moriarty formed the TrustVet health care plan because he was fed up with the existing health care plans. Before long, other vets were asking to be included.

The success of TrustVet is partly due to the fact it is digital and therefore easy for practice staff to use. Practice owners also like that it is fully customisable.

“It is fast and simple yet still flexible and powerful,” says Liam. “It works brilliantly because a vet designed it for practicing vets. No wonder owners, vets and nurses like it.”